Spring Equinox and New Beginnings

Cathy Holt
4 min readMar 20


The great wheel of the seasons turns once again on March 20 as spring comes to the northern hemisphere, and the rains return to this region of Colombia. With the help of generous amounts of mulch and weekly care, the syntropic agroforestry plots are healthy and growing gradually into food forests. As welcome as the flowers daring to bloom, this is a time for new beginnings, heightened by the new moon on March 21. Starting fresh projects, creativity, planting seeds, learning, communication, and healing of trauma are strong themes. Time to prepare for big changes coming our way!

Canto al Agua

​On March 22, people from all around the world will gather near rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, wetlands, to sing for the healing of the waters of the Earth and the healing of our inner waters. March 22 has for many years been recognized as “World Water Day” all around the globe.

Here in Barichara, we’ll gather at a spot on the Barichara stream to honor and sing to the water. Sad to say, this stream still carries both trash and (as it leaves the town) sewage into a larger river. A corrupt mayor pocketed the money earmarked for a sewage treatment plant, years ago. I would love nothing more than a movement to get the sewage out of the water, letting the water flow pure once again!

(Much of the following is taken from the website, https://cantoalagua.com.)

“Canto al Agua” (Sing to the Water) is the energy of sound created through our voices with loving and conscious intention. This sound energy can transform and create a new reality for the world. The singing has been taking place since 2010 every March 22nd, in different points around the world at 12 noon local time. We share the invitation to reconnect and once again raise the song with the purpose of purifying and healing our internal waters and continuing to care for, honor and thank the waters of our “common home.” Water shelters life.

Singing from the heart

Canto al Agua is a conscious singing of the syllable “AH” (known as the heart sound), with the energy of love and gratitude, to the waters of our planet. We also ask forgiveness of the water for how mindlessly we humans have treated it. Actions and changes that may arise from this singing are the manifestation of this energy and part of the collective awakening. Canto al Agua is not a message of resistance, protest or opposition of any kind. Rather, it embraces every culture and belief.

The blood running through our veins is like the water that runs in our rivers. All our emotions, actions and thoughts have an effect in our reality, the beings and the energy that surround us. Human actions affect the whole planet. When our actions are true to our hearts, to our spiritual being, things manifest themselves in a positive way.

When we act in a way that is unconscious or selfish, the result is a planet that is ill, filled with confusion and lacking in love. And if our singing is done with the energy of love, gratitude and forgiveness, it will be received in the same way. The intention behind the singing, the words, or the prayer, is able to transform a molecule of water, as well as a cell of the body. By singing, we are healing the water… and we are also healing ourselves. Nature reflects what we have in our hearts; therefore, we contribute to healing our planet by healing ourselves.

Hidden Messages in Water

Years ago, in his book The Messages from Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated how our words, thoughts and emotions have a direct effect on water molecular structure and crystal formation. Water is like a mirror, reflecting.​

The singing prayer of a Buddhist monk was able to transform polluted water into crystals of pure water and of high vibration. Our human body is at least 70% water, the same as Earth; let’s imagine for a moment what we can do with the collective energy of a sound that has the intention of Love and Healing.

Intention heals and transforms

A simple experiment made by Dr. Jacques Benevistes and other professors and researchers of the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in 1988, shows that water stores a footprint of the environment it has been exposed to.

Jonathan Goldman, Fabien Maman, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor and other musicians, doctors and sound experts have done studies on the healing power of sounds. They have demonstrated that sound vibration and intentions, together, create waves which affect the molecular structure of water. These observations lead us to the idea that peace and love can be co-created on the planet when people align their intentions and their collective consciousness of love and gratitude.


One way to express love and gratitude, and our regret and need for forgiveness, is the Hawaiian chant, Ho’oponopono. This chant can be translated as “I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you.”

Please join us!

If you feel so moved, take a moment at noon wherever you are on Wednesday the 22nd to thank and send love to the water within your own body, and in any body of water near you!



Cathy Holt

Cathy is a member of the Earth Regenerators Network. She’s passionate about regenerating landscapes with water retention, agro-forestry, and biogas digestors.