Cathy Holt
2 min readMay 23, 2023

The ocean sings her ancient song,
The rhythmic waves, bluegreen, salty,
Curling, with infinite forms, playful, ever-changing,
Waves at us with white foam,
Waves like exclamation points
Pouncing and pummeling!
Cracking and breaking!
Foaming in white, mottled green,
Soothing sea music, distant thunder, as I lie on warm sand.

Waves…the air with waves of wind,
My mind with waves of thought…
My brainwaves, alpha beta theta delta….
Electromagnetic waves
Heart rate variability waves
Slow sine waves.

Waves of emotion flow through me creating
Sparks in my brain, neurochemicals in my blood
Surges in my heart and lungs, bursts of fireworks
Or dark heavy lonely times, muscles contracted and tired
Feelings of worry or guilt…
Or the hot burning of a wave of shame going up my back.
Each emotion a wave passing through.

Each breath a wave, conscious or unconscious
Inhaling the golden light that is a gift any time,
Exhaling all the old fears, doubts, and delusions,
Receiving light into the lungs, the heart, with kaleidoscopic
Bursts of radiant gratitude!
Exhaling the light to dear ones,
Heart energy…….compassionate acceptance…
So different from right/wrong.

Subtle waves of earth’s energy, up through our feet,
Her frequency
Healing us,
Music of sounds, birdsongs that spiral me up
“Keep your spirit sweet!” they said;
Crickets’ chant… lullaby,
Song of the sea itself…

Waves, undulating waves…
As the old mother sways her to and fro,
Singing her husky song…
A vast similitude
Interlocks all:
All nations
All identities
That have existed
Or may exist,
All lives and deaths
All of the past,
This vast similitude
Spans them!
And always has spanned
And shall forever span them
And shall compactly hold and enfold them.
-Walt Whitman

Birds soaring on thermal air currents, and
Ocean waves
Making visible
The invisible…
Showing us wave-nature, wave-essence.
We too are energy beings.
Our energy too travels out to others
In invisible waves.
Subtle energetic rainbows, our shining chakra system,
Torroidal energy field,
Radiant heart-light
When love and gratitude are felt.

A model of all waves —
Emotion, qi, thought,
Separate-self identity,
These very lives,
All are transitory and return to the sea,
Dissolve into the ocean of oneness…

Perhaps the witness remains.



Cathy Holt

Cathy has been living in Colombia for 2 years. She’s passionate about regenerating landscapes with water retention, agro-forestry, and biogas digestors.